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Wednesday, 14 July 2010 02:31

Sunday 25th July 2010 schedule 

RaceTime Competition Class Crews Round 
 29 0900Asian Games Selection - Prem Open 250m                                   6Heat 1
 30 0905Asian Games Selection - Prem Open 250m                                       6Heat 2
 31 0910Asian Games Selection - Prem Women 250m6Final
 32   0940 Asian Games Selection - Prem Open 250m6       Final
 33 1100 CCCCC Prem. Mixed 500m6Heat 1
 34 1110CCCCC Prem. Mixed 500mHeat 2
 35 1150Race Prem. Mix (4) - Combined, 500m6Round 1
 36 1200CCCCC Prem. Open 500m6Heat 1
 37 1210CCCCC Prem. Open 500m6Heat 2
 38 1230PIDBF Race Prem. Open 500m6Heat 1
 39 1240PIDBF Race Prem. Open 500m6Heat 2
 40 1250CCCCC Prem. Mixed 500m5Rep 1
 41 1200CCCCC Prem. Mixed 500m4Rep 2
 42 1340Asian Games Selection - Prem. Open 500m6Heat 1
 43 1350Asian Games Selection - Prem. Open 500m6Heat 2
 44 1400CCCCC Prem. Wmn (2) & PIDBF Race Prem. Mxd (4) - Combined, 500m6Round 2
 45 1410CCCCC Prem. Open 500m5Rep 1
 46 1420CCCCC Prem. Open 500m4Rep 2
 47 1440PIDBF Race Prem. Open 500m5Rep 1
 48 1450PIDBF Race Prem. Open 500m4Rep 2
 49 1500CCCCC Prem. Mixed 500m6Minor Final
 50 1510CCCCC Prem. Mixed 500m6Grand Final
 51 1540Asian Games Selection - Prem. Open 500m6Final
 52 1550CCCCC Prem. Wmn (2) & PIDBF Race Prem Mxd (4) - Combined, 500m6Round 3
 53 1620CCCCC Prem Open 500m6Minor Rinal
 54 1630CCCCC Prem Open 500m6Grand Final
 55 1640 PIDBF Race Prem Open 500m6Minor Final
 56 1650PIDBF Race Prem Open 500m6Grand Final
 57 1700Asian Games Selection - Prem Women 500m6Final

 Schedule subject to change without further notice.

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Monday, 28 June 2010 14:24




To: All Commonwealth Dragon Boat Federation (CDBF) Member & Non-Member Club Crews

Welcome to Information Bulletin No.3 from the Organizing Committee (PIDBF) of the 1st Club Crew Championship for Commonwealth (1st CCCCC), Penang 2010. With only a month to go, this is the final chance for you to enter the 1st CCCCC Penang 2010, which will be held at the Teluk Bahang Dam from 22nd to 25th July 2010. For regular updates on 1st CCCCC Penang 2010, visit the Championship website at


CHAMPIONSHIP (This information supersedes previous Information Bulletins)

The Championship Divisions, Racing and Competition Classes that will be contested are listed below, Classes may be combined in the early rounds of competition but Grand Finals will be separate. Each Country or Territory may sanction up to 8 different crews (one crew per Club), per Competition class.


Confirmed Entries Received

Confirmed Entries have been received, as summarized in the matrix below, from the following countries Commonwealth countries: Canada, Singapore, India, Trinidad & Tobago and Malaysia; and Non Commonwealth countries: Hong Kong, Macau, Philippines, UAE and Chinese Taipei. 


1st Club Crew Championship for Commonwealth Countries






Those participants whom were not provided transportation, the charges are as follows: One way transfer:


From airport to hotel (or vice versa) – coach USD85 / van USD25 From hotel to regatta site (or vice versa) – coach USD60 / van USD25 From hotel to celebration dinner (or vice versa) – coach USD60 / van USD25

Additional or optional sightseeing tours are available on the Travel Desk at the Holiday Inn Hotel.

The Liaison Official has informed all crews on the pick-up arrangements by now. However if any crews have been omitted, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for the arrangements.


Race Day Lunches

Lunch-pack will be available to those who paid for the Ground Package Arrangement as well as the Hosted participants on the competition days. However, varieties of local delicacies will be also available for sale at the regatta site.


Get-Together Dinner

Two (2) representatives from each team are invited to the Get-Together Dinner which will be held on 24 July 2010 at 7.30 pm at a Seafood Restaurant. However, extra member who wish to attend can pre-purchase the ticket Dinner.doc at the cost of USD20 per person before 5 July 2010.


Celebration Dinner Party

A complimentary celebration dinner party will be provided following the completion of the Championships on 25 July 2010 at 7.30 pm for those who paid for their Ground Package Arrangement. However, we encourage all participants to celebrate together at the party. Dinner tickets can be pre-purchase for others including those whom were offered free hosting, at the cost of USD20 per person Dinner.doc before 5 July 2010.

All crews who joined the party are invited to arrange for a special 3-minute performance at the party. Please prepare yourself for the performance.


Main Secretariat Crew information packages will be available at the Main Secretariat at the Holiday

Inn Hotel, Batu Ferringhi.


IDBF Crew Helm & Foundation Coach Awards’ Course

We have invited the IDBF Top Officials from overseas to conduct an IDBF Crew Helm & Foundation Coach Awards‟ Course. This course is for those who wish to develop their helming skills and to become involved in coaching within the sport of Dragon Boat racing. Details as follows: 


Date: 22 July 2010 (7.00 pm to 11.00 pm) & 23 July 2010 (9.00 am to 7.00 pm)

Holiday Inn Hotel, Batu Ferringhi USD10/RM35 (inclusive of 3 Teas & 1 Meal)


Venue: Cost: Closing date: 5 July 2010

IDBF Crew Helm & Foundation Coach Awards‟ certificate will be presented at the Celebration Dinner Party. Please submit registration IDBFCrewHelm& FoundCourse.doc together with payment to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it before the deadline.


Outline Programme

The programme is subject to final confirmation and is to assist crews with their planning. Please take note of the latest programme. 




The 1st CCCCC Penang 2010 will comply with the IDBF Competition Regulations and will be conducted under the IDBF Rules of Racing.


Paddles – IDBF Specification 202a

Please ensure that every paddle complies with the specification 202a and has an IDBF identification mark and license number on the paddle. These are the only paddles that are allowed in the championships. You will not be able to use any paddle that does not carry an IDBF identification mark and license number. It is your responsibility to check that all members of your team comply with this regulation.


Seat Pads

There are regularly issues with seat pads that do not comply with Competition Regulation 13.4 which states:- Dragon Boat Seat pads (cushions) as described in Regulation 13.1 shall be made of a soft material, such as neoprene, of a maximum thickness of 15mm that will compress easily when squeezed between finger and thumb. The width of the seat pad shall approximately to the width of paddling seat in the IDBF Standard International Racing Boat (12.5cm) and the length should ideally, not exceed 33cm. So the seat pad should be rectangular. Seat pads will not be measured to the exact cm, but obviously round seat pads, such as those sold by IKEA are not acceptable, unless they are, cut to size.



Boat Swamping or Capsize

A capsize is rare in our Championships but your Crew must be trained and understand the recommended procedures in the event of capsize. Full details of the IDBF recommended practices can be found at: It is essential that all crew members are familiar with the “Buddy System” and that if capsize should occur the paddles are required to stay with the dragon boat and wait for the instruction from the safety boat crew. No one should swim to the shore.


Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs)

Under the IDBF Competition Regulations participants are not normally required to wear PFDs when racing, unless the Chief Official decides in inclement weather. However, approved PFDs will be available from the Organizing Committee for those participants who may wish to use them, by prior notification and application.


Identity & Compliance Checks

All participants will be given Identification (ID) Tag which will have their photo attached to it. Random ID checks will be carried out during the championships by the Race Officials to ensure that only those Competitors shown on the Crew List against the ID Tag are competing and that competitors are bona-fide members of their Clubs and Crews in accordance with Competition Regulation 4.3 and 4.3.1. Crews with competitors found not to be complying with these regulations will not be allowed to proceed to finals and will be allocated to an outside racing lane for all competitions.

Crew Lists


A Crew List Crew List & Declaration.doc showing the competitors and reserves who will be racing in a particular Competition class must be submitted by 5 July 2010.


The person signing the crew list is confirming to the Chief Official that all the competitors shown on the list are “Fit to Race“. This statement covers not just the physical ability of the competitors to undertake the race concerned but it also means that the signatory is confirming that there are no known medical reasons why those listed should not compete during the whole period of the Championships.


Photo Finish

A fixed photo finish camera will be used at the Finish to record all boats crossing the finish line.

Participants Photographs


All participants, that is, competitors, whom are racing will be required to bring along one (1) passport size (4cm x 6 cm) photographs to be pasted on their ID tag.




Country Flag

Crews are asked to bring along their country‟s flag and submit to the Main Secretariat by Friday 23 July 2010. 


Crew Practice Session

22nd & 23rd July 2010 has been arranged for the practice session. Each practice session is 1 Hour. Please return the Crew Practice Booking Form Crew Practice Booking Form.doc to PIDBF no later than 5 July 2010.


Crew Profile

Crews are required to submit a brief introduction write-up Crew Profile.doc in not more than 200 words about their achievements.


Deadlines For Entries And Fees

(please submit all forms & fees to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it unless otherwise stated ) 




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Friday, 18 June 2010 14:51


The Penang International Dragon Boat Festival (PIDBF) Organising Committee with the assistance from International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF) top Officials from overseas; will be conducting an IDBF Crew Helm & Foundation Coach Awards’ Course.

The IDBF Crew Helm Award is for those wishing to develop their helming skills and to become involved in coaching within Dragon Boating and the IDBF Foundation Coach is the first level award for those coaching Novice Crews in the sport of Dragon Boat Racing.

The Penang course is essentially practical and planned to cover the basic techniques necessary to take control of a Dragon Boat and to teach new comers to Dragon Boating the skills necessary to paddle a dragon boat in a recreational environment and introduce them to competitive racing.  The Helming part of the course is therefore designed to develop personal confidence and assess competence to Helm and train a Novice Crew.

For those students with Dragon Boat Helming experience or coaching experience in another water sport or activity, the opportunity will be given for you to gain your IDBF Foundation Coach Award.  This is a Level 1 Coaching Award set at the participation level coaching within Dragon Boat Sport. 

The course will consist of both classroom theory and practical water based training and assessment, including a controlled capsize routine.  A copy of the IDBF Coaches Awards Handbook will be given out to all confirmed candidates.  As outlined in the Awards Handbook, candidates must pass modules 1-5 to qualify as an IDBF Crew Helm and modules 1-8 to qualify as an IDBF Foundation Coach

The course is designed for an ideal number of 22 students.  Therefore, initially only one person per competing crew in the 1st CCCCC Penang 2010 will be accepted.  

However we might consider more than one person per crew but cannot be guaranteed, at this stage.  Those accepted for the course will be notified after 5 July 2010 and must pay the course fee by 10th July 2010, otherwise the seat will be offered to the next qualified candidate.

Therefore please complete an application form for all those people from your crew who may be interested in taking the course Awards.  Please register early to avoid disappointment.

Date              :  22 July 2010 (Thursday)   &    23 July 2010 (Friday)

Time    : 7.00 pm to 11.00 pm          &     9.00 am to 7.00 pm

Venue        : Holiday Inn Hotel, Batu Ferringhi  & Teluk Bahang Dam

Course Cost       :  US$10 / RM35  (to cover 3 teas and 1 meal) by 10th July 2010

Registration Deadline :  5th July 2010

**Certificates will be issued to the successful candidates for both Awards at the Celebration Dinner Party.


Download the form here


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Dragon Boat National Technical Course PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 26 March 2010 04:11

Dear All Dragon Boat Enthusiasts,
PIDBF is organising another programme for you in the month of April 2010.

Whether you are paddler, team captain, team manager, or race official;  but involved in the dragon boat activities in a way or another; you can benefit from this workshop. For the race officials, you can take it as a refreshment course.
Just spend RM10 only and you will get to learn the technical aspect of  organising of a dragon boat race; in the comfort of a hotel seminar hall.  Meals will be provided. 


The National Race Officials’ Certificate and the grading system have been formulated to ensure that all races are conducted uniformly and by accredited officials.
LEVEL               STATUS                         AWARD
Grade 1            National Official             National Race Officials Certificate
Grade 2            National Official             National Race Officials Licence

Upon passing the course, successful candidates will be eligible to officiate in local and international races according to their respective levels of accreditation.
Course Details :

The course will be conducted by certified International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF) Race Officials and covers those aspects of officiating that is needed to supervise the actual races, that is, the technical organization of a dragon boat festival, race or championship.

Date                             25 APRIL 2010 (SUNDAY)
Time                            9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.
Venue                          Naza Hotel, Tanjung Bungah, Penang
Course Fee                   RM 10.00 (inclusive of breakfast, lunch & certificate)
Closing Date                 20 APRIL 2010 (TUESDAY)

Download the form here.



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Photos of Water Safety Awareness Workshop PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 08 March 2010 08:05


Water Safety Awareness Workshop on 7th March 2010. The workshop was opened to everyone, especially dragon boat crews to share water safety aspects of dragon boating. Participants had lots of fun learning at the Teluk Bahang Dam under the care of Bomba, Marine Police and etc.

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